'Gloo Beginnings: marker

'Gloo Beginnings

All great things start with an idea. And the powerhouse brimming with ideas is Samantha Deeks. With years of insight into how a well-designed software system could really make a difference to customers, and frustrated and tired at not being able to respond to those needs while working for big corporates, Sam decided to be the solution to the problem. In late 2014 she got together a dream team of developers and designers who shared the unshakeable faith in the power of good ideas and good people to execute those ideas. After 8 months of exhilarating work they launched PRgloo – a company that sticks by its customers, listens to feedback and continually develops software solutions for all types of PR professionals. Fast forward to 2021 and we're used by the biggest names in communication including the Department of Health and Social Care, HM Treasury, The Met Police, Tesco, ASDA, BT, The Scottish and Welsh Governments, and hundreds more. 

Small is beautiful: diamond

Small is beautiful

PRgloo is 100% owned by the very people who created it. We answer to no one but our customers and ourselves. Because of this we are lightning fast at developing our platform to meet the needs of our current and prospective users. In 2020 we implemented over 750 enhancements based on customer feedback a task impossible within a large corporate structure. And because we focus on providing a bug-free, robust platform we can spend our time building relationships with our customers rather than fire-fighting – a situation which suits both us and our users down to the ground. 

What does PRgloo do?: question

What does PRgloo do?

PRgloo provides a platform for in-house communication teams to manage all aspects of their communication function including enquiry management, newsroom & social media publication, influencer engagement and coverage. We bring this together in an elegant interface with great searching and visualisation techniques to provide a truly useful tool for foot soldiers and senior management alike.

Why should you use it?: ticket

Why should you use it?

To save you time. Use PRgloo and you instantly have all the tools you need to tell your story such as; an intelligent journalist contact database maintained by humans; gorgeous looking email templates; simple to use social media campaign tools; enquiry and issue management; internal newsletters;  integrated coverage (from a provider of your choice); responsive, media rich and social newsrooms to display and promote your content. To shine a light on all of your hard work By having all tools in one place, you not only save time, you get great reporting and intelligence. Show the rest of the business the work you do and increase your profile and your message within the company. Increase your good coverage (and mitigate the bad) Customers report that by using PRgloo's media rich distribution tools together with our accurate up to date journalist database, they are able to increase coverage significantly. In addition, our issue management tools enable customers to ensure that non-stories don't get started as everyone in the team knows exactly what to say and what not to say. 

Powered by experts: energy

Powered by experts

The PRgloo team is made up of experts in technology, security, public relations and product design. We’ve built websites for global conglomerates, we’ve managed hundreds of digital projects and we’ve supported countless teams get the most out of their software and service. But the real experts powering the system are our users. From HM Treasury to Transport for London, from HS2 to Asda our users are all at the coalface of communications and by sitting within their teams, speaking to individuals and groups and generally LISTENING to their pain points we have developed and continue to develop a truly tailored solution. When was the last time one of your suppliers gave you that kind of care and attention?

Support like no other: rocket

Support like no other

At PRgloo we spend our time concentrating on User Experience which is the wonderful mix of how something looks (clean, uncluttered, simple) and how it feels to use (intuitive, easy, fast). We place this on top of a secure, scalable platform to produce what we hope is a genuinely great and unique user experience – especially in the world of B2B software which can be well, uninspiring to say the least. In companies without this focus on UX, their software quickly degenerates into a cumbersome, hard to use mish-mash of functions that only a small fraction of the team know (or care) how to use. In addition, we provide human support: not bots, not automated help tickets but real-life actual humans who'll speak to you on the phone, drop you and email or jump on a screen share. Perhaps this is why we have a 97% customer retention rate. 

Don't take our word for it: clock

Don't take our word for it

If you'd like to see how PRgloo could help your team, give us a call on +44 203 745 2706 or request a demo today