Engaging & media rich press release distribution

We know how stressful sending a release can be. There's the drafting, gathering assets (and worrying about file sizes), getting quotes approved, building a list of journalists (and worrying that it's not been updated since pre-covid), scheduling, making last minute changes, sending and getting it on to your website.

Who needs that kind of hassle? 

PRgloo's solution to stress

With PRgloo you simply: 

  • Craft your release (with images & videos)
  • Pick your journo lists (auto updating)
  • Pick the date & time you want it to go

PRgloo will then distribute your release and publish to your website in one single, elegant and stress free process.


Craft your media rich release 

Simply copy and paste your communication into PRgloo. The system will recognise tables, links, bullets, bolds etc so you don't have to waste time re-formatting. Bring it to life by embedding downloadable images, videos, graphics and any other asset to help your journalist to create an engaging piece. You can also attach a bi-lingual version of your release (such as Welsh) and the platform itself works across all languages. 

Use our preview and send test email functions to make sure you are 100% happy with your release and make use of our email templates to fully customise the look and feel of your communications. 


Tailor who to send it to

Once you're happy with how the release looks and feels, you can then choose who to send it out to. Using the integrated journalist database with over 103,000 contacts (UK, Ireland, US, Australia & Rest of World) you can either cherry pick the contacts you want or create auto-updating lists of people and publications based on your search criteria. You can also create lists of stakeholders (internal and external) to ensure that your message gets to the people it needs to get to straight away. 

Simply select your lists, add a personalised message to the distribution and let the system handle all de-duplication. 


Send now, later or under embargo

Once you've crafted your release and worked out who to send it to, you then simply need to choose the date and time to send it. You can also choose to send the release under embargo. Once that's done, you can go about the rest of your day confident in the knowledge that it's all taken care of. 


(Making mistakes is OK!)

Made a mistake? Been given a last minute amend? Don't worry. You can safely edit your release at any time. Forgotten to send it to someone? Don't fret, you can always distribute your release again to whoever you've forgotten or resend to those who've deleted it by mistake.


Publish & send 

Once the release date and time has come, the release will be sent via email to the contacts you selected. Each email will contain a one click unsubscribe feature as well as links to a journalist privacy policy to make sure that you are 100% compliant. We also use sender authentication to make sure that the email which comes from you has the gold standard of email deliverability. 

At the same time, the release is also published to your website (or a stand alone landing page) so that your email campaign has the added advantage of driving traffic back to your newsroom where your journalists can then download the high resolution images you embedded in your release. 

See the coverage come rolling in

As well as being able to see who has opened your release, you'll also be able to see what coverage your communication has generated using our patent pending Coverage Insights technology. Use this metric to work out what impact your communications have had and shine a light on all of your hard work. 

Don't forget our newsletters!

As well as sending engaging media content, PRgloo also gives you powerful newsletter tools to enable you to communicate internally and with key stakeholders. You can embed coverage, press releases, statements as well as details of upcoming events and interviews; all overlaid with your own narrative. They take seconds to build and distribute as everything you need is already in the platform.