This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship

Media enquiries, interview bids, proactive sell-ins, reactive statements, issues, campaigns and incidents. All of these are touch points with the media and your stakeholders.

Keep track of them and let the relationship blossom.

Media enquiries & proactive sell-ins

Keep track of who said what to whom with our simple to use Conversations module. Detail what was said, when you need to follow up with more information, what issue or campaign the conversation related to, who owned the interaction and what the outcome was. With tools to help your frontline PR colleagues and higher level reporting to showcase your hard work to senior management, the Response Desk helps the entire team from top to bottom. 

Reactive statements 

Formulate your company line and use PRgloo to ensure the entire team knows exactly what to say and who they have already said it to. Statements can also be distributed to journalists and stakeholders directly from the platform and we can even see if they've generated any coverage for you. 

Interview bids

Keep track of interview requests and view these on a shared calendar to see exactly what's on the comms agenda that day, week or month.

Issues & campaigns

See all the activity surrounding any issue or campaign including all your conversations, interviews, statements, coverage, background notes and attachments. 

Speed, clarity & consistency

With PRgloo, your team can act and react with absolute clarity and breath-taking speed. No more searching through inboxes for the latest statement or scouring your network for the latest document, in PRgloo it's all in one searchable, easy to access place.