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100 reasons why PRgloo is the solution for you

100 reasons why PRgloo is the solution for you: ClaireLovegrove5 Mitie

At PRgloo we're keen to constantly improve our product to provide clients with the best possible platform to make your working life easier.

We're not about just signing people up and forgetting about them. In fact we love customer feedback here at PRgloo and regularly add client suggestions to our own developer ideas to ensure we keep our platform on the cutting edge of PR technology.

And we've been burning the midnight oil on our latest release which has seen the team complete nearly 100 enhancements in the space of 3 months!

But what is PRgloo?

Some might say, we’re the best kept secret in PR. We’re keen to change all that by being THE software solution for all corporate PR needs, regardless how big or small your organisation.

Our elegant, industry leading media relations platform, combines easy to use tools with exceptional analysis. The first of its kind to place an intuitive and mobile interface at the heart of its design.

PRgloo provides a platform for in-house communication teams to manage all aspects of their communication function including enquiry management, newsroom and social media publication, influencer engagement and coverage.

By helping corporate teams manage their day-to-day and strategic tasks, PRgloo is able to shine a light on all the hard work which is currently being done – especially in areas which may otherwise be invisible to senior management (such as conversations with media or stakeholders, volume of requests for interviews etc, networking, proactive communications and the like). 

Response Desk

Drive team efficiency with a centralised set of tools for managing statements, enquiries and requests. We've added a new At-A-Glance view for managers to quickly see what is happening with your team any minute of the day providing you with the most up to date information of your breaking issues. 

Content Hub

At PRgloo we provide you with a simple and powerful content management system. With one button you can schedule and embargo content, publish to your newsroom and social media channels and press release distribution to tailored lists of journalists and stakeholders.


Build lists, see who's been engaging with you and who isn't, see who you're getting through to and who you aren't. Use PRgloo to manage your media contacts, stakeholders and internal influencers simply and effectively.


Engage with audiences via a fully customised, responsive Newsroom. Give us a couple of weeks and we'll give you a beautifully designed customised, integrated and responsive newsroom populated with all of your content and ready to engage with your audience. You don't need templates to be quick, you don't need scores of project managers to produce a custom site: you just need PRgloo.


Drive team efficiency with a centralised set of tools for managing statements, enquiries and requests. Instantly access truly useful reports and data visualisation. Who's afraid of big data? Most people. Which is why we provide simple to understand reporting at the click of a button.

GDPR Data Cleaning

To help our customers stay on the right side of compliance, we've built a simple to use tool to identify data which includes personal information which is over a certain date and then enables you to bulk export and or delete.


Transform coverage by linking in all communications activity (interviews, statements, networking etc).

PR Planner

Coordinate your communication activity in our simple to use, easy to search planner. Create your grid of activities, press releases, engagements and industry events in one easy to export calendar.

PRgloo founder and CEO, Sam Deeks, says:

“The PRgloo developers work tirelessly to add enhancements to keep our platform at the cutting edge of PR management tools.

“And the best way to ensure we are hitting the mark, is by listening to feedback from our users. From HM Treasury to Transport for London, from local councils to Nationwide Bank our users are all at the coalface of communications and by sitting within their teams, speaking to individuals and groups and generally listening to their pain points we have developed and continue to develop a truly tailored solution.”

But don't take our word for it

Our clients have been waxing lyrical about the benefits of using PRgloo. Take a look at independent reviews.

If you'd like to see how PRgloo could help your team, give us a call on +44 203 745 2706 or request a demo today.

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