Tuesday 3 Oct 2017

5 Reasons to Switch to PRgloo

5 Reasons to Switch to PRgloo: 5 reasons to switch to PRgloo today

So many organisations choose PRgloo over other providers in the market - so we asked them why. Here's what they said.

1. "You're a lot faster and easier to use"

We've invested heavily in our infrastructure and systems to make sure we are the fastest software out there. We know you have to struggle on a daily basis with out of date IT systems with connections which bomb out at peak times - so we've made our platform fast and light so that we provide excellent service even on slow connections. 

2. "You actually work out to be less expensive"

We are built to scale which means we can pass our costs savings on to you.  

3. "Our newsroom was up and running within two weeks - with no hassle"

We're used to building enterprise websites which look great, work fantastically and involve the minimum of fuss. 

4. "It was so easy to switch and we love the new levels of service"

We sort out your lists & your legacy data so you don't have to. We don't trap you into evergreen contracts for multiple years and we don't ignore you unless you shout. We have a bug free product so our account managers are free to spend their time training you and discussing ideas for improvements. 

5. "If it is not there now, I know it soon will be with PRgloo" 

We are constantly evolving and improving with new features being added every couple of months. You can be sure that at PRgloo your opinions matter and we'll work hard to make your ideas into reality. It's what we like to do best so that you never have to experience the bad taste in your mouth which comes from buyer's regret. 

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