Thursday 31 Jan 2019

Case Study: Buglife and PRgloo helping save small things that run the planet!

Case Study: Buglife and PRgloo helping save small things that run the planet!: case-study-header

Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates. They are actively working to save Britain’s rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, worms to woodlice and jumping spiders to jellyfish. Their aim is to halt the extinction of invertebrate species and to achieve sustainable populations of invertebrates.

Who or What is PRgloo?

PRgloo is 5 star communication software with a 97% customer retention rate. It's also the most cost effective solution on the market. 

With PRgloo you can manage your whole media function (releases, statements, bids, journalist relationships, issues & campaigns, newsrooms and planning) across your media and stakeholder relationship teams reducing the need for multiple, disjointed systems. 

The Problem

The Buglife team were using a variety of spreadsheets for their contact management coupled with Microsoft Outlook for their email distribution. This setup began to cause an all-too-familiar set of administrative, consistency and quality issues. The comms team saw their contact lists rapidly become out-of-date and - in order to avoid falling foul of spam filters - they could only send out batches of 10 emails at a time.  Furthermore, those emails were not able to include any of their pictures, videos or additional rich media content. These practical difficulties were compounded by an inability to generate any metrics regarding engagement. Consequently, their whole media strategy was difficult to quantify and demonstrate.

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The Solution

Buglife’s key requirements were that they needed an easy to use contact database that would be continuously updated, plus their provider would need to allow the team to generate and distribute press releases with their crucial media rich content. PRgloo also gave them a powerful set of metrics to show who was actually engaging with their content. This  capability meant the team were now able to produce reports demonstrating the success of their media strategy internally.

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The Outcome

Paul Hetherington, Director of Communications commented:

"Within a few weeks of implementing PRgloo we noticed a real pick up in media coverage. The opportunities to see our coverage rocketed! PRgloo helped us to target the right people and present them with great, media rich and relevant content. PRgloo also saved us lots of time when onboarding new members of staff. The system is so intuitive and easy to use that we can have new recruits up and running in no time at all. That means we can get on with the important things in our press office.

Paul added: PRgloo is immense value for money. I have been in the media industry for 30+ years and I have used lots of these systems before but not one of them is as good as PRgloo!"

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