Thursday 6 Jul 2017

Elegant & Customisable PR Metrics for Technophobes - Update

Elegant & Customisable PR Metrics for Technophobes - Update: Business Intelligence Reporting

We are PRgloo. Our software makes the lives of communicators easier by providing them with great tools, simple interfaces and great analytics. We'd like to tell you about our latest developments around reporting. 

Over the past month PRgloo’s main focus has been transforming our reporting function. We want to shine a light on your hard work by making available a series of customisable, elegant, easy to understand charts and graphs which can be exported at the touch of a button.

We are happy to announce great progress has been made and our new report building feature called 'My Reports' is currently in testing and due to be rolled out in August. It's going to be easy to use; will produce great looking charts for use in business presentations; and be fast to build and run.

The My Reports feature will let you:

  • Create custom reports by selecting your chart type and the data you’d like to report over
  • Combine different types of data (such as coverage & activity below) 
  • Save reports with a name, description and owner
  • View your reports and those of other team members
  • Export the results as Jpgs

How your team effort gets the job done
How your team effort gets the job done

As features go, it's a biggie. With a few simple clicks we want you to be able to produce countless charts based on any number of things (coverage, team activity, journalist engagement, who last made the tea etc) but we're really excited to be working on a feature which we hope will meet a great deal of your many and varied reporting demands.

My Reports
My Reports

Alongside that behemoth the following are also due for delivery in August

  • Statement distribution 
  • Being able to see how up to date your distribution lists are 
  • Being able to see how valuable your distribution lists are
  • Need to know report (full summary of the day's happenings)
  • Being able to mark activity as proactive or reactive
  • The ability to colour code notes and text
  • Further optimisation of our contacts database
  • Press release personalisation & spellchecker

If anyone needs further information about the above, or would like to submit their own ideas for improving 'Gloo, please give us a shout. We're always on the look out for ways to make your life easier

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