Tuesday 30 Oct 2018

Gloo Club - You're Invited to a party

Gloo Club - You're Invited to a party: Gloo Club Winter Warmer

PRgloo would like to invite you to a relaxed, informal get together on Thursday November 8th at 5pm till..um.. later, taking place in Holborn, London. Food, drink and good company guaranteed. 

Why the party?

Pretty early on we realised that our customer base was full to the brim of switched on, funny, articulate and engaging people and we thought "Hey, if we brought them all together, this could be a beautiful thing". So that's what we've decided to do; host an event to say "thank you" for all the support, feedback and giggles you've given us and to give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded colleagues whilst enjoying some after-work winter warmers.

Register today!