Tuesday 10 Sep 2019

GDPR - How PRgloo is Making Compliance Simpler

GDPR - How PRgloo is Making Compliance Simpler: HowCleanIsYourData

Are you a PR professional still using spreadsheets to manage stakeholders and contacts? If so, how are you meeting GDPR requirements?


Keeping your data safe, up to date and compliant can be complex, mundane and so far removed from what your paid to do as a PR professional it's no wonder we tend to switch off.  But as the likes of British Airways and the Marriott know only too well it is business critical and things are only set to get tighter. As ICO Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said:

”..there is much more still to do to build the public’s trust and confidence. The focus for the second year of the GDPR must be beyond baseline compliance. Instead, organisations need to shift their focus to accountability with a real, evidenced understanding of the risks to individuals and how those risks should be mitigated.”

Ultimately, the responsibility for compliance lies with organisations themselves. And regardless of the outcomes of the ongoing Brexit negotiations one thing is certain - GDPR compliance remains. 

PRgloo Helping to Make Your Life Easier 

The good news is that PR solutions like PRgloo are helping make the job of keeping your data clean much easier. By using a contact management system (rather than a spreadsheet or some other insecure – hard to update document) you are automatically one step ahead of the game. 

Contact management systems help your organisation meet some of the core requirements to show that your data has been collected lawfully, used for the intended purposes (and only these purposes), has been transparently collected and processed and provides the means to very simply to provide access to these records for the data subject. You should always be vigilant about what data you store on individuals and how you store it.  

PRgloo Engagement & Hygiene Scores 

Highlight Contacts to be Deleted: Within PRgloo you can easily see everyone who has unsubscribed or whose email addresses have bounced. Use this to inform your data cleaning strategy. You can either delete them or mark them as inactive. All historical interactions with them will be retained so you lose nothing. Instead you gain a rather lovely sparkly clean contact database.

Highlight Lists with Bad Hygiene: Within PRgloo we'll tell you how clean your lists are by telling you how many people within them have either unsubscribed or have had their emails bounce. You can then clean your lists so that you have the best chance of communicating your message effectively.

GDPR Cleaning: We are developing a new feature for customers to tag items as containing "personal data", allowing organisations to search and remove items over a certain age and bulk delete them. This is to ensure organisations can adhere to specified data retention limits.

If you'd like to see how PRgloo could help you keep your data house in order, give us a call. We have 5 star user reviews and we'd love to show you how you can be smarter when it comes to organising your data.

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