Wednesday 27 Jan 2021

Nationwide Appoints PRgloo to Relaunch Media Centre & House Price Index

Nationwide Appoints PRgloo to Relaunch Media Centre & House Price Index: Prgloo and nationwide

When it came to giving their 1952 house price index a modern makeover, Nationwide Building Society turned to the tech specialists in providing simple, smart and creative solutions: PRgloo.

Nationwide is the seventh largest cooperative financial institution and the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members. For years they have created the House Price Index - the longest unbroken run of house price data, stretching back to 1952.  So how do you build on all that history?

Before: Lost, Crowded and Unloved

Before adopting PRgloo, the Nationwide media centre had room for improvement. Firstly, because the main business of the corporate site was serving the consumer, the media centre was somewhat hidden away under a few layers of navigation. Because of this, the space allocated for the newsroom was also limited with the information having to be crowded into a cramped sub-sub-sub navigation structure. Finally, because the digital team had a customer-led set of priorities, it meant that changes to the media centre were difficult to push through. 


After: Interactive, Engaging and Supported

PRgloo quickly solved all of that and because we are a dedicated resource for our customers, we were also able to add in all the features the team had been waiting for.

The site is now fully in the hands of the media team! They can publish content at the press of a button (including embargoed and scheduled content) and be safe in the knowledge that our support team are on hand to help with any questions they may have - or any changes they want made. 


Interactive Charts Displaying House Price Index Information

We also took all of their historic data regarding house prices and created a series of interactive graphs and charts to help the journalists visualise data trends at the touch of a button. Take a look: 


Downloadable Assets 

The newsroom also comes with a Media Library for downloadable assets such as headshots, branch images and data files for financial journalists. Every part of the site is managed by the media team using the PRgloo platform's super simple content management tools. 


Integrated Email Distribution

The Nationwide media team now simply have to craft their release, select the journalist they want to send it to (using PRgloo's integrated media contacts database), set the date and time they want it sent (including being able to send this under embargo), and the system does the rest. It will publish and distribute (and even post to social media if you want) at the date and time selected. Then sit back and wait for the coverage :) See how easy our system is to use by watching this short video

What Nationwide has to say?

“PRgloo is a service that would benefit any press office. It’s very flexible and offers a full suite of services that any PR professional would need,” Nationwide head of media relations Eden Black. 

Watch these short testimonial videos from Nationwide.


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