Wednesday 22 Apr 2020

New to PRgloo - Coverage Insights & Other Enhancements

New to PRgloo - Coverage Insights & Other Enhancements: New To Gloo

Global pandemic or not, the show must go on. We've been overwhelmed by customers' feedback on how useful the PRgloo platform has been during this time of chaos and we hope our new features make it even easier for you to cope. 

Coverage Insights / PR Attribution

It's finally here! On the 25th you'll now be able to manually associate coverage articles with statements and press releases in PRgloo so you can see and report over where your effort paid off. In addition, for those who have signed up for the trial, you will also be getting the benefit of our Coverage Insight feature for free. Other customers can purchase this by contacting


We'll be sending around a little "how to" guide for this module in the next few days. 

What is Coverage Insight (CI)?

Using PRgloo's patent pending technology, CI is a tool which automatically monitors for online articles generated by your press releases and statements. It then looks at the coverage sitting in your PRgloo platform (added by you or from a third party) and automatically links that coverage to the article or statement which we think generated it. If you have already signed up for the trial, then you will get this free for 3 months. 

Have a look at our little video here. 

Other Cool Enhancements 

  • Coverage: if you're doing it yourself, you'll notice it is now much easier to add as we automatically associate the coverage to the author's publication. Don't forget there are loads of other things you can do with coverage - give us a call and we'll show you how! 
  • Calendar: We've now added a 90 day option for all you forward planners out there 
  • Navigation: We've made it much easier to jump about the site and get back to where you were. You'll only see how if you're really, really concentrating but we're sure you'll notice the difference! 

Need help or have feedback on the above? Please contact us and we'll be happy to chat. Stay safe!

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