Friday 28 Feb 2020

Police Communicators Get Help with GDPR from PRgloo

Police Communicators Get Help with GDPR from PRgloo: GDPR Data Weeding

With a daily deluge of incidents, police communicators know only too well how important it is to keep on top of the data they have and to make sure that they don't keep sensitive data for longer than they should. 

Which is why, after speaking with police communicators, we decided to create our own "GDPR Data Cleaning" tool. It's simplicity itself.

  • When logging an incident, simply flag if it contains sensitive information 
  • Each month, go to the secure GDPR Data Cleaning feature 
  • Search for incidents created over X years ago 
  • Filter out any which have been updated recently 
  • Then review and delete the incidents you no longer need 

The delete button is a permanent delete. It also deletes all associated interviews, statements, releases, enquiries and notes. All you have to do is press the button. 

Here's a little video we did on this and if you'd like to see the feature yourself, why not join us on the 17th March at 3pm for a demo? Or just drop us a line to set up an alternative date / time. 

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