Wednesday 4 Nov 2020

Police Communicators: Is it Time to Take Another Look at PRgloo?

Police Communicators: Is it Time to Take Another Look at PRgloo?: GDPR Data Weeding

PRgloo: You may have heard our name. You may have met us at APCOM. You may have had a conversation with one of us or know someone who uses the platform. Either way we've been listening, understanding and responding to the needs of your specific industry. And we think you may want to take another look. 

Ease of Use & 10 Minute Response Time

We provide one of the easiest to use, simplest to search and best supported software platforms on the market. We respond to requests within 10 mins. And that's a human response not an automated ticket system. 

Auditing, GDPR Data Cleaning & Incident Manager

With PRgloo you get a tamper proof audit trail, tools to ensure GDPR compliance and an incident manager which can be configured to support the way you work. We've put all of these features in during the last 6 months so if you haven't seen PRgloo in a while, we think you'll be really happy with our changes. 

Easy to Switch

We've migrated over 40 customers from their existing systems so we have this down to a fine art. We know how busy you are so we minimise the disruption managing to do the system swap over in a couple of hours (not days, not weeks).

Cost Savings 

Many of our customers find that they are able to save money with PRgloo which can then be spent elsewhere. Our aim is to save you time, money and stress. Only the last of which do we all need less of :) 

Used by 

We're used by The Met police, Nottinghamshire Police, The NCA, The SFO, The College of Policing, The NPCC plus the UK, Welsh and Scottish governments and hundreds more. 

Let's Chat

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