Tuesday 19 Jan 2021

PRgloo: A Balm for Broken Promises

PRgloo: A Balm for Broken Promises: PRgloo Balm for Broken Software Promises

Ever get promised the world by someone? It's happened to all of us. And when it'd done to you by a software salesperson, the results can be costly and frustrating. 

You're told it's simple...

...You have to have a master's degree to use it

You're told it does this and this...

...But only if you buy more modules

You're told you'll get full support...

...But it's only a bot

PRgloo - A Balm for Broken Promises

At PRgloo we don't make empty promises. We just show you a great system, with simple pricing and human support. Use us for managing media, stakeholders, press releases, enquiries, statements, your newsroom, your contacts & coverage, just give us a call.

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