Monday 18 Oct 2021

PRgloo: A Balm for Broken Sales Promises

PRgloo: A Balm for Broken Sales Promises: PRgloo Balm for Broken Software Promises

Ever get promised the world by software salesperson, only to find out what you purchased isn't exactly what they sold you? It's happened to all of us, the results can be costly and frustrating. 

You're told it's simple...

...You have to have a master's degree to use it

You're told it does this and this...

...But only if you buy more modules

You're told you'll get full support...

...But it's only a bot

PRgloo - A Balm for Broken Promises

At PRgloo we don't make empty promises. We just show you a great system, with simple pricing and human support. Use us for managing media, stakeholders, press releases, press inquiries, statements, your newsroom, your contacts & coverage, give us a call.

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