Saturday 7 Aug 2021

PRgloo Announces Gloo Social 😎 Social Media for Comms and Engagement Teams

PRgloo Announces Gloo Social 😎 Social Media for Comms and Engagement Teams: glooSocialHero

Simple, fast, reliable and cost effective, Gloo Social provides communication and engagement teams with the tools they need to create campaigns, schedule posts and report over interactions. No fluff, no confusing metrics, no prohibitively expensive tiering system. A simple £600 module giving you 20 accounts and over 400 posts per day. 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google

Post to LinkedIn (personal and company page), Facebook (group and page), Twitter, Instagram (business page) and Google My Business. 

Simple 3 Step Process

Create your campaign, schedule your posts and view your interactions. It's as simple as that. 

400+ posts per day and 20 accounts 

If you're finding Hootsuite Free version too limiting and paid platforms too expensive, then you should give us a call. We're giving you a generous allowance of 20 social media accounts and a maximum of 24 posts per account per day (or the maximum that the network allows (whichever is lower)). 

Integrated with your PR and Comms Workflow

Quickly grab images, gifs and videos from your PRgloo resource library, share auto shortened links to your press releases and link your Social Media campaign to your traditional media campaigns and issues. PRgloo provides you with all the tools you need to deal with the reactive (media enquiries, statements etc) AND push out the proactive including powering newsrooms, sending press releases and viewing your coverage. 


What Does it Cost? 

If you already have PRgloo, then the module costs £600. If you don't already have PRgloo then head over to our pricing page to take a look at the platform which works best for you. 

Want to know more?

Give us a call for a quick demo. You could be up and running within hours.