Tuesday 25 May 2021

PRgloo asks "What have Greater Manchester Police, London Councils & Northumbrian Water got in Common?"

PRgloo asks "What have Greater Manchester Police, London Councils & Northumbrian Water got in Common?": Q1customers

They're all part of the new wave of communication teams adopting new and more streamlined comms processes freeing up their time to deal with the real business of the day: Communications. 

What is PRgloo?


PRgloo is a 5 star rated media management platform enabling teams to research journalists, send media releases & stakeholder comms, keep track of statements & enquiries, power an online newsroom and link their coverage to their activities. 

Available on desktop or on the mobile, PRgloo has been helping remote teams manage comms since before lockdown and Covid-19 were even a thing.

PRgloo founder Samantha Deeks

"Already this year PRgloo has rolled out the welcome mat to 24 new customers, adding to the hundreds of customers who are already benefiting from our powerful comms management tools.

"Oncall teams have been hailing the ease of use, managers have been wowing their boards using reports from our simple dashboards, and comms pros have been released from the hell of excel spreadsheets by managing all their conversations in one place. With the click of a button they can find the right line, the right journalist and the right tools to do their job.

"We're all about making the life of a busy comms pro as easy possible and it's why we have a 97% customer retention rate. It's as simple as that"

Lauren Ritchie, Acting Head of Communications RACQ:

I can honestly say that I would recommend this to any comms team wanting to increase efficiencies, professionalise their output and get their business to understand more about the value communications plays.”

Everything in One Place

With PRgloo we help your peace of mind by having all of your comms assets in one place:

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