Tuesday 5 Feb 2019

PRgloo Software Meeting the Comms Challenges for Charities

PRgloo Software Meeting the Comms Challenges for Charities: Publish Send Build Relationships

"I would highly recommend PRgloo as a high quality system for media management. When you look at the cost it is simply pound-for-pound the best value system currently on the market.” Paul Hetherington, Director of Fundraising at Buglife.


PRgloo Comms Software 

PRgloo provides a single place to manage all your relationships, statements, team knowledge and planning. it includes contacts, coverage, relationship management, press release creation and distribution, newsrooms, campaign planning and social media. 

There are lots of reasons people use PRgloo. It helps centralise knowledge, it helps get information out quickly and in a format journalists need, it shows how you comply with GDPR, it allows you to shine a light in all the hard work which gets done on a daily basis but which seldom makes it into a coverage report - but essentially the reason people use PRgloo boils down to one simple fact: it makes their lives easier. 

Challenge #1 Constant team change / mobile workforce

Support your team as they work from home or from multiple locations by providing them with one place to see exactly what the rest of the team are doing and to share with them what they are working on at the moment. If you find that you're constantly getting new team members, speed up the onboarding process by simply directing them to PRgloo. They can easily see who the key players are and how you've communicated with them in the past. 

Challenge #2 Multiple systems, spreadsheets and risks

Many organisations 'make do' with multiple free systems such as spreadsheets, windows filing systems, Google docs etc. With data in multiple places, you not only reduce your efficiency, you also massively increase the risk of the wrong information being communicated to the wrong people. With a centralised platform like PRgloo, there's only one simple to use, safe and audited place to get the information your team needs. 

Challenge #3 lack of budget 

All systems all come at a cost. You either pay in money or (if they are freebies) in the time it takes to make it work for you in ways it perhaps was never meant to work. With PRgloo we've built a platform to scale which means we can offer you a cost effective platform to kill off multiple disjointed systems and increase the efficiency of your workforce from as little as £2,500 pa.

Challenge #4 Too busy to save time 

We're all guilty of this. At PRgloo we understand how boring and disrupting it can be to change systems. Which is why we have a dedicated onboarding team who migrate your data, clean your lists and generally make sure that when you log in for the first time, everything is all ready for you to use. 

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Who uses it? 

PRgloo is used by the likes of the World Wildlife Fund, HM Treasury, the Department of Health and Social Care, Network Rail, Nationwide, Siemens, The Scottish Government, EasyJet, Vision Express, GoCompare and Tesco.

What does Buglife charity have to say about PRgloo?


Paul Hetherington, Director of Fundraising at Buglife.

“One of the biggest problems with distributing news to the media is actually getting through to media inboxes and PRgloo doesn’t get stuck by spam filters. Time is also of the essence in small organisations and this distribution system literally takes minutes to set up and distribute a story with pictures and footage - much the most user friendly system I have used in over 25 years of media relations. Read more here