Thursday 17 Sep 2020

PRgloo Contacts Update! Property, House Building & Construction

PRgloo Contacts Update!  Property, House Building & Construction: New To Gloo

This is the first in a series of updates regarding our contacts database: an ever evolving and improving beast. Today we want to tell you about the work we have done on property and construction journalists. We've created more targeted subjects for you to select allowing you to really tailor the audience you send your releases to. 

Please note, you may wish to amend some of your smart groups to ensure you make the most of these new subjects. If you want to find out more, book a 10 min training session with us today or check out this short video

Property B2C Publications

Great for sending features aimed at consumers

  • Homes & Gardens: covering publications aimed mostly at consumers who love their homes and gardens (and want to see other peoples' homes and gardens), dabble in interior design, DIY and home improvements. 
  • Lifestyle Local Life: Many local guide will feature local properties or developments to share with their readers. 
  • Lifestyle Luxury: B2C publications covering luxury lifestyle which will include fashion, travel and luxury home features. 
  • News Regional News: Many regional newspapers will also carry stories about local trends in property, real estate, commercial property investments and other property news. 

Property B2B / B2C Publications

Great for sending more newsworthy stories of developments, new techniques or market trends

  • Property News: Use this to find lots of generalists writing about interesting developments in the world of property and real estate. News of big developments, legislation around housing, interesting stories and features. You'll find a lot of freelancers appear in this subject category so use this group to send interesting and quirky ideas to as well as commentary on housing markets, housing trends etc 
  • Property and Real Estate: There is a split here. If you use this subject group, you may want to also use the classification filter. B2B publications in this group will be targeting those involved in selling or renting properties such as estate agents and landlords. B2C publications will be all about helping individuals to buy and sell their homes. You'll also find a good few property market commentators in here also and there will be some overlap with Property News. 
  • Property Ethical: This taps into a sector who are concerned with both the materials involved in building properties plus the social and economic aspects of property. Look here to find publications and people writing about sustainable building initiatives, co-housing or social housing initiatives, build back better etc
  • Property Technology: covering property technology, smart homes, innovations in homes and properties. 
  • Built Environment City: covering cities, city planning and quite a lot of writers interested in the future of cities and urban living. 

Property B2B Publications

Aimed at property professionals

  • Property Commercial: Covering the commercial property market and commercial real estate and mostly populated with B2B publications and writers
  • Property House Building; covering publications concerned with building houses, flats and other types of residential accommodation including property development. Mostly B2B. 
  • Property Housing Management: covering publications aimed at housing management including housing associations, social housing publications and property management publications. 
  • Property Investment: Predominantly B2B publications writing for an investment audience. 
  • Built Environment Architecture: Mostly focusing on B2B publications aimed at professional architects but with some more generalist critics, this subject is good for reaching people and publications who are interested in architectural features, developments, interesting technology, awards and best practice. Highly design led. 
  • Built Environment Public Sector / Built Environment Public Sector, Construction Public Sector


We've also split out our construction & infrastructure topic into smaller subjects groups to allow you to target the publications which you need. These are all B2B audiences. 

  1. Construction General: great for showcasing your construction news. 
  2. Construction Supply: Construction Supply, Building Supply, Bathroom, Kitchen, built environment, Building Merchants
  3. Construction Civil Engineering: Aimed at civil engineers so good to send engineering and infrastructure news to. 
  4. Construction Building Services: Construction Building Services Building services are the systems installed in buildings to make them comfortable, functional, efficient and safe. Building services might include: Building control systems. Energy distribution. Energy supply (gas, electricity and renewable sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass)
  5. Built Environment: Building Conservation: Very niche aimed at those involved in conserving buildings and heritage sites 
  6. Construction Technology: For everyone devoted to improvements in construction tech
  7. Construction Machinery & Equipment: For all the big diggers and cranes and scaffolding publications
  8. Construction Materials  For things like concrete, stone, aggregate, steel etc
  9. Construction Trades tradespeople: aimed at construction managers, decorators, joiners etc 
  10. Construction Trades windows: aimed at those in the windows and glazing profession
  11. Construction Trades Plumbing & Heating : Aimed at plumbers and heating professionals
  12. Construction Trades Electrics: Aimed at electricians and electrical engineers

Need help with contacts? 

If you'd like us to review any sections of the contact database to ensure your releases get to the right people, then just give us a call and we'd be happy to help.