Tuesday 25 Aug 2020

PRgloo - Helping to Keep Transport Communicators on Track

PRgloo - Helping to Keep Transport Communicators on Track: AndrewCommonsEMR2

With multiple stakeholders, large internal communications requirements and 24/7 media and crisis communications needs, our transport clients are looking for a fast and reliable system to manage their communications needs. 

What is PRgloo anyway?

PRgloo is 5 star communications software for PR professionals. We've got a 97% customer retention rate and some pretty amazing independent reviews.  With PRgloo you can manage your whole media function (releases, statements, bids, journalist relationships, issues & campaigns, newsrooms and planning) across your media and stakeholder relationship teams. 

Case study: East Midlands Trains

The Problem

East Midlands Trains were looking for a communications tool that integrated all their media needs into a centralised system to assist with tracking media responses and lines provided to journalists and stakeholders on any given issue. They were also looking for a system that team members could access remotely.  

The Solution

East Midlands Trains implemented PRgloo as their one-stop shop for all communications activity. The system is used to track ongoing issues or campaigns, where everything is logged in real time. The team can pull reports showing media activity and issues for senior management and stakeholders. Remote access allows team members who are oncall to access the system from their phone, laptop or anywhere to quickly respond to issues.

Andrew Commons,  Head of External Communications, East Midlands Railway 

PRgloo is by far and away the best system I’ve ever used. We’ve used other similar systems but they are not as easy to use, they are not as clean and as crisp as clear. When I train new members of the team on PRgloo it literally takes 10 minutes, it’s really simple. 

I would completely recommend PRgloo to anyone working in PR even if it’s not just in transport. 

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Case study: Northern

The Problem

Northern needed a newsroom solution to provide customers with quick-time news updates as the Coronavirus pandemic struck.

The Solution

PRgloo provided Northern with a new branded microsite allowing the team to remotely distribute updates and statements via email within seconds.

Glyn Hellam, Media Relations Manager, Northern  

"We've been using PRgloo for over four years and have been impressed with the continuous enhancements the PRgloo team add to the system.

As Coronavirus hit we were able to reach out to the team to help us create a new microsite which provided our stakeholders and customers with a one-stop-shop for important information and advice. The microsite dovetailed with our main website and existing media site and was critical to our communications response during the early stages of the pandemic."

Case study: Southeastern 

Southeastern Newsroom

The Problem 

Southeastern were looking for a convenient, integrated and easy to use platform to manage media relations and campaign planning across multiple brands. 

The Solution  

PRgloo provides a seamless content management system to manage media and marketing content. In particular, Southeastern can both power a media rich public newsroom and send newsletters out with joint branding, showing how it works in partnership, rather than as an individual company. 

Chris Vinson, senior external communications manager, Southeastern 

“PRgloo helps us integrate our marketing campaigns, our planned PR activity and forthcoming meetings with MPs and others into a single calendar so that we can see what is coming up and ensure there are no clashes. 

“The team at PRgloo feel very much like we are their only clients. We can pick up the phone and get responses back very quickly.”   

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