Wednesday 19 Jul 2017

PRgloo Is Like Oxygen

PRgloo Is Like Oxygen: oxygen-gloo-2

Does your product give you oxygen or suck the wind out of you?

Recently a user described our product this way "Like oxygen, I need it to live." You can read the full review on G2 Crowd here.

What an intense thing to say about a piece of software! The goal of all software is "stickiness". We make no bones about it; we want to be super sticky.

If our software is doing its job, it is vital to your day-to-day public relations and corporate communications efforts, making it sticky. If it’s vital you will renew year after year. Win-Win.

Stickiness is achieved when software hits the mark on each of these:

  1. It is easily accessible on a multitude of devices (responsive design)
  2. Easy to use (effortless user experience)
  3. Easy to budget

Our most valuable asset are our customers and our prospects. Why? Because they know what is important to their day-to-day efforts. The feedback we receive is invaluable in helping determine how features are prioritized. The ability to deliver on what client’s request means they are not only satisfied with the product but they will evangelize on our behalf. Another sticky Win-Win!

So we ask you, is your current public relations software provider providing you Oxygen to power through your PR tasks? Or are they sucking the wind out of your day?

Let us show you how PRgloo is “like oxygen” in a brief 20-minute online demo. Drop us a line here.

PRgloo offers the industry's easiest to use cloud based collaborative workflow platform for communicators. We are headquartered in the UK with offices in the US. For more information, visit us at  or follow @prgloo on Twitter