Tuesday 18 May 2021

RACQ & PRgloo Driving Comms Forward

RACQ & PRgloo Driving Comms Forward: glooOz

Helping comms pros to drive their comms to the right people and channels is what PRgloo does best. So it's fitting that RACQ have chosen us to revolutionise their set up

As Queensland’s largest club, providing roadside assistance, insurance, banking, travel and more to its approximately 1.75 million members, RACQ's comms team have a wide variety of issues to manage and stories to get to members.

Lauren Ritchie, Acting Head of Communications said:

"The increasing number of conversations, emails, phone calls, DMs and texts from journalists were getting harder and harder for our communication team to handle in a siloed format ,and we set out to find a solution that could not only keep track of our journalist inquiries but an online platform that could accurately reflect the hard work our team was producing every day for the business.”

I can honestly say that I would recommend this to any comms team wanting to increase efficiencies, professionalise their output and get their business to understand more about the value communications plays.”

"After the demonstration by the PRgloo team it quickly became apparent not only could this platform resolve our current problems, it was set up to solve problems we never realised we had. The integration with our media monitoring platform to link our efforts with our brand coverage rewards was an added feature that really impressed. The set up was seamless and the support we received during the onboarding process can’t be faulted."

Making your life easier

At PRgloo, we're all about keeping it simple - that's why our easy to use platform helps to:

  • Make it easier to find things (statements, backgrounders, phone numbers) 
  • Gives you all the tools you need in one place (send releases, speak to journos, run reports, craft lines) 
  • Allows you to see what your team members are doing (great for oncall or remote working)
  • Reduces the sheer volume of emails you have to keep on top of. 

PRgloo Australia Director Shona Thatcher said:

"At PRgloo we understand that comms people are busy, and that's why we're all about providing simple tools to make your life easier. We have helped hundreds of comms teams and thousands of comms professionals to tell their story"

For further information or to request a demo please call Shona Thatcher, Director, PRgloo Australia on

+61 (0) 478 898 175 or email shona.thatcher@prgloo.com