Tuesday 12 Feb 2019

PRgloo Launches "The 5 Day Newsroom"

PRgloo Launches "The 5 Day Newsroom": 5DayNewsroom

For most people, designing, building and launching a newsroom can lead to early hair loss and a 25% reduction in sanity. At PRgloo we've decided to change this by launching our Template Newsroom which can be up, running and populated with your data within 5 days. They look gorgeous too. 


Your hardest working team member

Newsrooms work for you 24/7. Use them to showcase your content, provide access to downloadable images and documents, display your contact information and highlight key messages and campaigns. 

Loved by your IT teams

You may be thinking "Nice, but IT will never allow it". Actually our Newsrooms are so 'light touch' in terms of integration and so secure, that we mostly get nothing but praise from IT teams who are happy to have one less stakeholder to cater for. Our Newsrooms are responsive, accessible, resilient and quick.   

Craft, distribute & publish in one process

Unlike other website products such as MyNewsDesk, WordPress, SiteCore etc, our Newsroom platform integrates with the rest of your workflow such as enquiry management, coverage, and journalist database. You simply

  • Craft your release (here's a quick vid)
  • Select the date and time you want it published or choose to publish under embargo 
  • Select the people and organisations you want to distribute your release to 
  • Hit save and your release will publish and distribute at the time chosen 
  • Watch all the lovely 'opens' appear on your distribution report 

The "Stress Free" Guarantee

You can have this elegant, reliable and responsive newsroom in just 3 steps: 

  1. Tell us what sections you want (and what you want them to be called) 
  2. Give us your data (in a spreadsheet or similar) 
  3. Let us build it and populate it  

See some examples here...


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Just give us a call. Prices start at £4,500 pa.