Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

No one ever got fired for choosing PRgloo...

No one ever got fired for choosing PRgloo...: make-life-easier

In fact, people who choose PRgloo seem to be happier than those who don't if our G2Crowd score is anything to go by. 

Recently Andrew Zangre of G2Crowd published a blog post in which he discussed the role and performance of UK tech companies, he compiled the review data and published a list of the top 25 UK B2B Companies of 2017 in order of Customer Satisfaction. From the thousands of companies on that site, we are proud to have made it into the top 25 and looking forward to improving even more in 2018 in order to give the best possible service to our customers. 

Here are just some of our customers who love the platform and have given us 5 star reviews. Read what our customers say about us here.

Customer Logos 2017
Happy Customers

If the above is anything to go by, you might be happier with the 'Gloo too. Give us a call for a 10 minute online demo today.