Tuesday 30 Apr 2019

Network Rail & Southeastern - The Integrated Newsroom Approach Explained

Network Rail & Southeastern - The Integrated Newsroom Approach Explained: newsroom-16

PR teams do a lot. Because of this, they often have to use different systems and platforms to get their work done. At PRgloo we think that this inefficient, annoying and often at odds with GDPR responsibilities. It's why we've introduced the integrated newsroom. 

What's an Integrated Newsroom?

Simply put, it's a newsroom which works together with your other processes such as press release distribution, managing journalist enquiries and sell-ins, social media, digital asset management and coverage. It's also a newsroom which looks and feels like just another page of your corporate website.

Rather than log into a different system or send your information to a different team, an integrated newsroom can be managed from the same platform as your contacts, coverage, enquiry management and reporting. 

Network Rail and Southeastern

Network Rail & Southeastern Integrated Newsrooms

Kevin Groves at Network Rail

“PRgloo is intuitive and powerful. My team use it every hour of every day as it significantly aids our workflows, message consistency and journalist contact visibility. We use it to manage media enquiries, statements, interview bids, press release publication, distribution and our entire media centre.”

Chris Vinson at Southeastern

"PRgloo helps us integrate our marketing campaigns, our planned PR activity and forthcoming meetings with MPs. It allows us to send out our newsletter with joint branding so we can work in partnership rather than just an individual company."

What are the Benefits? 

  • Time. Simply sending and publishing from the same platform 
  • Journalist experience. Everything they need (images, downloads, contacts, quotes) is in one place
  • GDPR compliance.  Centralise your data to reduce your risks 
  • Reporting. Comprehensive, simple, available at the touch of a button
  • Easier than you think. All project management is undertaken by PRgloo for a stress-free life

No Limitations

"Think of us as having the design capabilities of a big agency, the management tools of Google, and the price tag of an app" Samantha Deeks, Founder of PRgloo. 

Your newsroom can ...

  • Look and feel however you want
  • Appeal to the audiences you determine to be key
  • Be made available in multiple languages 
  • Power multiple brand sites
  • Integrate however you want into your corporate site 
  • Sit as a stand-alone microsite if you prefer 
  • Evolve and update alongside your corporate site 
  • Have as many sections and features as you want 

Take a Look for Yourself

Costs? Time? Not as much as you think...

Prices start at £4,500. Get in contact today. 

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