Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

PRgloo & Nationwide - Making Life Easier

PRgloo & Nationwide - Making Life Easier: Marketing EdenBlack6

When Eden Black, head of Media Relations at Nationwide Building Society first saw a demo of PRgloo he realised that this could really help to make his life and those of his team members so much easier. 

What do you use PRgloo for?

"We use PRgloo as a way of capturing media statements, conversations we've had with journalists and stakeholders but also to send out our press releases and arrange media engagements."

What are the benefits of using PRgloo? 

"We've always had a system and a way of saving media lines as a repository saved on our computers and desktops but we were looking for something that was more effective at pulling everything together in one space that we could all access and we could all share as well."

Prgloo Dashboard

"And that's been the great benefit of PRgloo. It's pulled all those resources together so everyone in the team can access the lines to take, everyone can see what conversations other people have been having with journalists and that's really helping encourage more sharing with the team as well as helping us when we need to reply or respond to a journalist on a particular issue"

Watch what Eden Black has to say about PRgloo

Could PRgloo help your team? 

We'd love to see if it could. Prices start at £2,500 - request a demo today

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