Tuesday 18 May 2021

PRgloo Now Links your Coverage to Your Releases (Automatically)

PRgloo Now Links your Coverage to Your Releases (Automatically): SiemensCoverage

In yet another move to make our customer's lives easier, PRgloo has launched Coverage Insights which automatically links your coverage to the release or statement which generated it.

"It's a game changer"

Unless you started your life as a comms director, we all know the pain of early morning scans through coverage articles to cherry pick the items which you hope will appear in response to the blood, sweat and tears you poured into your releases and statements. Bleary eyed and without the requisite caffeine, things can get missed. 

With Coverage Insights switched on however, you can leave this job to us and get on with the real business of the day. 



"The Matches All Made Sense"

Using patent pending technology, we've fine tuned the system so that you get real intelligence not a load of irrelevancies and we have tools to ensure that we can tailor the set up just for you and your needs. 

Coverage Insights Chart

Blowing our own trumpet

PRgloo CEO Sam Deeks said:

"We love bringing new enhancements to our platform and Coverage Insights will be a game changer for PR pros. We develop our enhancements working closely with our customers, discovering their painpoints and work to make their lives easier. Time after time the feedback was about how they were able to measure the success of their work and pin pointing and match exactly where it landed.

"We're now reliably matching coverage articles to releases, freeing up their time to get on with the business of communicating."

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