Tuesday 10 Nov 2020

PRgloo - The Evolution of PR

PRgloo - The Evolution of PR: PRGloo-Evolution-PR-Person-Thumbnail-v02

If you've been one of the lucky ones who are still able to work, but your flat, shed, box room, kitchen table, bedroom or sofa now doubles as your office, we think that PRgloo may be able to help. 

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Now we can't: 

  • Make your place bigger
  • Make it any tidier 
  • Magic up someone to do tea / coffee runs for you 
  • Deal with your children when they come screaming in from school (or text you screaming for a lift) 
  • Replace the banter you used to have 
  • Or the cool, unexpected serendipity of life outside these four walls 

But we can: 

  • Make it easier to do your job by:
  • Making it easier to find things (statements, backgrounders, phone numbers) 
  • Giving you all the tools you need in one place (send releases, speak to journos, run reports, craft lines) 
  • Allow you to see what your team members are doing (including agencies)
  • Reduce the sheer volume of emails you have to keep on top of 

And we do this: 

  • With a fantastic support team who are always there (and happy to chat) 
  • With a brilliantly designed platform (which isn't big and scary) 
  • With a price tag which works in these uncertain times

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