Wednesday 3 Feb 2021

PRgloo - Why Didn't You Choose us Sooner?

PRgloo - Why Didn't You Choose us Sooner?: Why Didn't I do this sooner

People who choose PRgloo never regret it. We have a 97% customer retention rate and we aim to keep it like that. 

Auto-Updating Journalist Lists? 

We have them - you'll never want to go back to building them the old-fashioned way again. 

Amazing Newsrooms? 

We build them - you'll never have an argument with your IT team again. Well not about your website anyway. 

Enquiry Logging which isn't a Pain?

We've designed that - log important information in two clicks or simply email the platform to have it done for you. 

Human, Personalised Support? 

We've got that - no matter how big or small your organisation is, we respond with a call, email or video and make sure you're 100% happy. 

97% Customer Retention Rate? 

Yup. That's us. And we're used by some pretty impressive organisations ...

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