Tuesday 13 Mar 2018

PRglooers are not Scared of GDPR

PRgloo is a system for managing your relationships with stakeholders and the media. It gives you tools to communicate with them, tools to keep track of those communications and reports to help you assess the impact of those communications.  Our customers use PRgloo to show how they comply with the following 7 principles of the act - it might be able to help your organisation also. 

#1 Data must be collected lawfully, fairly and transparently


With PRgloo you can show the full audit trail of communication. Our journalist database also comes with this audit trail making us one of the most compliant systems available. As you're liable for the GDPR shenanigans of your suppliers, it's a good idea to check out their GDPR policy.

#2 Data must be used for the reasons it was collected


PRglooers can show exactly how they communicate with their contacts and we even throw in a Subject Access Request button so that you can quickly see all communications you've had with any person.

#3 Data must be limited to what you need to fulfil expectations


PRglooers tend to just use PRgloo to manage their relationships with the media and stakeholders so it is easy to show exactly what information is stored on any given person without having to search for this across multiple systems. In this way PRglooers show the exact nature and extent of the information they hold on key contacts.

#4 Data must be kept up-to-date


PRglooers have this done for them for journalists and we give them tools to manage updating all of their other contacts. In this way our customers can show how they have tools in place to keep the data up to date and relevant.

#5 Data must be kept clean to minimise risk of harm


Having the tools to quickly delete information is key to keeping your data in good order and PRglooers can do this very easily. Doing this reduces the risk of harm and the risk that you may communicate with someone in a way which does not meet their expectations.

#6 Data must be kept safe from accident and attack


Unlike shared documents or keeping things in your email systems, PRglooers have their key information stored safe and secure in the PRgloo platform which makes it less likely to be shared with people by accident or maliciously hacked.

#7 You don't comply unless you show it


The real test of compliance with GDPR is not simply a dusty document, it is showing ongoing respect for the people you communicate with. PRglooers know all about this and use our platform to show it.

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