Thursday 10 Dec 2020

PRgloo's Battle to Save Fair Comms Folk from Over-Hyped PR Agencies

PRgloo's Battle to Save Fair Comms Folk from Over-Hyped PR Agencies: Cover-6

Do your PR Agencies keep their relationships close and what they actually do for you locked away in a tower surrounded by a veil of darkness? 

When they are good they are very very good...

PR agencies, when they are good, are creative, transparent and a joy to work with. They come up with great ideas, they execute your plans with imagination and diligence and they bring a lot to the party. 

And when they are bad they are horrid...

We all have experience of the other side though. The ones that basically charge a monthly fee for pushing out the same old same, old to a stale list of journalists and hoping you'll be too busy to notice or want to embark upon the onerous task of bringing things "in house". 

PRgloo to the Rescue!

If you find that you're the one writing the releases and thinking of the ideas - it's probably because you are the best person to do this. You're the closest to the company's business goals and you know what you want. And if you have the ideas then we have the tools to communicate them. We provide the 5 star software, you provide the know-how. It's that simple. 

Can we Save Your Pot of Gold? 

We'd like to think we can. So if you'd like to find out how PRgloo can help you bring things in house or if you'd like to provide a platform for your GOOD PR agency to use in collaboration with you, then give us a call. We've helped hundreds of companies just like yours.