Tuesday 19 Mar 2019

Regarding Poor PR Software - PRgloo has a solution

Regarding Poor PR Software - PRgloo has a solution: top-marks five stars

"I would highly recommend PRgloo as a high quality system for media management. When you look at the cost it is simply pound-for-pound the best value system currently on the market. ” Paul Hetherington, Director of Fundraising at Buglife.

PRgloo is the only 5 star rated software on the market

PR software has traditionally suffered from having only a few players on the scene. Organisations who are frustrated with what they have find there is very little out there to choose from.

We're PRgloo and we have a 97% customer retention rate and have 5 star customer reviews. As far as we know, that makes us unique in the market place and we think you should take a look.  

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Until you see PRgloo, you won't understand how much time and effort it could save your team. Try us for just 30 minutes - The PRgloo Challenge - to see what a difference we could make. We're so convinced of this, that we've already set you up with a trial system which you can activate by simply emailing me, samantha.deeks@prgloo.com 

So easy to switch

We migrate all of your data and will buy you out of your existing contract so there's no reason to wait. See for yourself what's been making our customers so eager to give us rave reviews...

PRgloo is a fantastic tool for communications professionals - 4.5 stars

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Fantastic Tool

PRgloo is a fantastic piece of kit. It is easy to use, intuitive, ensures your content look great and just makes your life easier. Uploading and distributing news releases is so easy and l love the fact it automatically uploads the release to your website without you having to do this separately. A favourite feature is issuing media statements - the ability to have a searchable library of previously issued statements, with latest cleared versions, is so handy and saves you searching through email inboxes. The stakeholder newsletter feature has also been really a valuable addition to our content creation options. Great stuff.

"Exceptionally easy to use - 5 stars"

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Review 03

It's intuitive. It takes no time at all to get used to all the functions and also configure it to your needs. I use it primarily for sending out press releases and it can all be done in five minutes. Having a resource centre to direct journalists to images is very handy also. The support from PRgloo staff is exceptional - they're responsive and go the extra mile.

"Excellent tool - 4 stars"

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Review 04

We have been using PRGloo for about six months and have found it to be an excellent tool, which has allowed us to bring in house a function which was previously outsourced. As a result, this has helped us to have greater control and influence over how we present our key messages to the right audiences.

"Long-term PRgloo user - 5 stars"

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Review 05

The platform is intuitive and very responsive. I've used other press office management systems before and found them to be clunky and slow. By comparison, PRgloo is a vital support in a busy press office - not just as a tool to manage information but also providing insight on stakeholders and reports on activity and what the team has achieved.

The support from the PRgloo team is exceptional and they are always looking to enhance the product and make it even more useful to customers.

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Who uses it? 

PRgloo is used by the likes of Nationwide, World Wildlife Fund, HM Treasury, the Department of Health and Social Care, Network Rail, Siemens, The Scottish Government, EasyJet, Vision Express, GoCompare, Public Health England, many Universities, NHS CCGs/Trusts, Councils and Police forces. 

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