Tuesday 6 Oct 2020

Remote and Home Working Made Simple with PRgloo

Remote and Home Working Made Simple with PRgloo: WorkingFromHome

PRgloo Tell Your Story

When it comes to telling your comms story, our simple and elegant communications tools help support your PR teams no matter where they are working.

Who are we helping already? 

From supermarkets to NHS organisations, our customers are the people who've been keeping the country going during lock down.


PRgloo has proven to be an invaluable member of their PR teams with thousands of communicators using our simple tools to send, store and plan their communications over the course of the pandemic.

Keep communicating with the media 

Sending hundreds of thousands of releases and statements, our customers have been proving the power of their comms skills. From those in the thick of it like the Department of Health and Social Care & HM Treasury to those keeping the nation fed like Tesco & Asda our customers keep on communicating despite being under lockdown, managing to keep on top of the countless daily media requests with our simple yet powerful logging and reporting tools.

Over 3 million email updates sent by our customers during the pandemic using PRgloo

Keep communicating with stakeholders

The new challenge for many PR teams is keeping stakeholder data up to date and being able to push out messages to them at the drop of a hat. If you have a system which can make this simple, that makes all the difference in the world. Using our newsletter tools to craft daily updates on issues and proactive messages, our customers keep on top of these new challenges and ensure consistent messaging with the people that matter. 

Over 66 thousand conversations with media and stakeholders during the pandemic

Keep your own organisation informed 

Along with everything else, our customers also need to keep an internal audience informed and engaged. PRgloo enables teams to brief key internal stakeholders on the issue of the day, the approved line and the many "wins" achieved. Shining a light on all your hard work is a key function of the platform and one our customers love us for. 

Over 20 thousand statements and approved lines managed and communicated via PRgloo during the pandemic

PRgloo - Tell Your Story from Wherever You Are

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