Tuesday 30 Mar 2021

Forget Outlook - Send Secure Emails with PRgloo

Forget Outlook - Send Secure Emails with PRgloo: SendSecureEmailsWithPRgloo

Is IT on your case about sending press releases that meet all the technical requirements and acronyms - using a CMS to send a GDPR, DMARC compliant email to journos? 

Look no further

At PRgloo, we provide comms professionals with a simple, easy to use platform that allows you to control, create and deliver successful (IT compliant) communications to the media but without the headache.

Stress Free Email Distribution

All you do is....

  • Create the communication 
  • Make it as media rich as you want
  • Use our updating Journo database to choose who to send it to
  • Choose when to send it (including embargos) 
  • Click OK 

PRgloo then...

  • Adds GDPR compliant features to the email 
  • Adds DMARC compliant features to the email 
  • Publishes automatically to your website (optional)
  • Sends to your social media channels (optional) 
  • Tracks all opens, clicks and issues 
  • Deals with distribution issues for you
  • Gives you tools to see how much coverage you earned

Why should we use PRgloo to send out our news? 

  • Highly secure and GDPR compliant, the PRgloo system is normally well received by IT and InfoSec teams who will see us as low risk and zero maintenance
  • Great email deliverability using Sender Authentication to make sure emails get through to the people who need to see them supported by an integrated journalist database of 84,000 contacts (and the ability to add your own)
  • We ensure that releases do not land in junk mail - this is the greatest headache for comms professionals who eagerly want their story to be heard. All of the time, effort and creativity down the drain because the journalist doesn't see it. Well, with PRgloo - this is not the case. 

Why can't I just keep using Outlook?

Well...you can. But you risk:

  • Your email being marked as 'spam'. This way, the story will never be heard or if / when it is heard, it may be too late. 
  • Email address domains being temporarily blocked if the content is sent out in vast bulk. The server will become overwhelmed and believe it is being hacked. This can cause widespread disruption, company-wide. 
  • Breaching GDPR compliance for your organisation. Outlook is not a GDPR friendly process - you can easily fall into the trap of 'CCing' names into an email, without realising that their email addresses are available for all recipients to see. This can lead to a lot of trouble. 

Out With Outlook and In With PRgloo

Like hundreds of PR professionals who have made the switch to PRgloo you could be working free of the hassle and concern and let our intuitive platform do all the hard work for you.

But don't just take our word for it - read our independent reviews to see how we have a 97% customer retention rate.

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