Tuesday 29 Aug 2017

The Anatomy of a Successful Newsroom

The Anatomy of a Successful Newsroom: Use Gloo

Providing information with out hassle

Last year we surveyed the industry asking “What’s the Purpose of a Newsroom?”. PR people want a lot from their newsroom because they know that their audience demands a lot from their newsroom.

A good newsroom provides standard information about your company as well as information you want to feature about your company. It is your digital calling card to journalists, analysts, bloggers, influencers and researchers.

#1 Make It Easy to Find

Do not bury it behind layers of Who We Are or About Us pages. Make it easy to discover from your home page. Burying it will guarantee you a very high bounce rate.

Basic Elements

Media Kit

Customize the media kit to fit your industry and what is currently trending in your space. This way you save the reader from having to hop around your site. Journalist will appreciate this and know your brand values their time.

Consider having a press kit per business line, per industry issue etc. all accessible via a quick hot link.

Press Contact

Don’t make journalists hunt for the correct media contact. It’s great to have a general webform to reach the team…but really who wants to fill out a form to wait for a response from someone they don’t know will or will not be able to assist? Not me.

You are a communicator, make yourself accessible. Name, Number, Email. Again, journalists will thank you for this too.

Current Press Releases & Searchable Archive

Include all your press releases, but feature your current press releases. Bring the current messaging right to the forefront.

Company Facts & Figures

Often included in media kits, this information is basic research needed by journalists. Make it easy to find and keep it up-to-date.

Company Blog

Yes your company blog should have a presence here. You do have a blog right? If you don’t get on it! Featuring the company blog provides an opportunity to share the company insights outside of basic facts and figures.  

Journalists Appreciate It When…

They can go shopping for all the things they need to research your company, your brand, your products etc. in one easy to use area. Include:

High-resolution images and video with clear descriptors. These will likely be used as is so make sure your descriptor clearly states what the image/video is about. Also great way for you to ensure your message is getting out just the way you want.

Media Alerts. Quick emails to subscribers who have opted-in to hear news about your brand.

Product Updates. Quick updates to subscribers who have opted-in interested in new product news.

Media Requests. Make it easy for journalists to request more information.

Investor Relations Portal. Provide a path to investor information that is always up-to-date.

Events & Webinars. Highlight upcoming and past events to generate interest.

Be the Master of Your Domain

You might be thinking “I don’t want to deal with IT to manage our newsroom.” Well if you'd like a state of the art customized newsroom with integrated email distribution, search, downloadable resources, social media channels and publications, then help is at hand.

We are PRgloo and we make beautifully functional, easy to navigate newsrooms along with helping you easily manage your content with no IT assistance required! Want to see more? Click here to ask for a customized tour. Most newsrooms are up and running in 10 business days.