Friday 7 Jun 2019

Version 3.15 of PRgloo Now Live

Version 3.15 of PRgloo Now Live: Five star

Social Media, Multilingual Newsrooms, reporting enhancements and more! 

Text Wrapping Has Arrived!

You can now wrap text around an image. Simply add your image, then use the text alignment tool to set the image to the left or the right. Your text will then flow around the image. It seems like a trivial little thing but trust me, our designers and developers have expended blood, sweat and tears making this feature play nicely in Outlook. There's a little sweary cloud still hanging over our tech hub in Cambridgeshire.... 

Tags on your Charts

For those of you who have not given the chart builder a go - why not? I mean I know you have actual jobs and everything, but it's a really cool tool and will give you some great visualisations of all your hard work. You can now breakdown your activity by Tags and Tag groups (last month we added the ability to filter and breakdown by topic and theme). There is always lots more to do with reporting - but we'll keep at it!

Need to Know Report - Team and Featured

Yes that lovely ambient button on your home page which gives you (in one simple click) an overview of all your team's activity has just got better. Now you can filter by Team and you can also choose to only include topics which you designate as Featured: just to keep the riff-raff out :) 

Newsroom Localisation & Multilingual Work

This past month we've been going all international with our newsrooms allowing full translations of sites and email templates. If you don't already have a newsroom from us, get in touch today. We really make it simple, fast and pain-free. 

Social Media Campaigns - PRgloo Needs YOU!

So it's finally here - our social media campaign tool. It's been tested every which way and is working well allowing us to schedule, publish, delete and report over tweets. But this is just the beginning! We'd now like to unleash this module on our lovely Gloo family and ask for your help in making the next generation. If you'd be happy to feedback on what we've done and where we should go next, then please do get in contact. We're looking for as wide a range of customers as possible. 

Training, Help and Support

Don't forget, we're here to help with training, support and general hand holding. If you'd like training on any of the above please email today. 

Our security partners & accreditations

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