Fife Council "PRgloo is an excellent system and has excellent customer service"

Fife Council "PRgloo is an excellent system and has excellent customer service": FifeCouncilQuote

Fife Council's communications advisor Joanna Lee rated PRgloo 5 stars for being "far and away the best system I’ve ever used as part of a media team." 

What do you like best about PRgloo? 

"PRgloo is a very user friendly system with a clean and simple interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It’s also a very nice looking site and has everything that we need for our media team. 

"Everything is logical, understandable and it’s easy to customise it to work with how our own team work and report on the things that we would like reported on. 

"The system is excellent and we are delighted with how it works for us, however, it really is the PRgloo support team that makes it for us. 

"They are so helpful, friendly and happy to take feedback on how the system could work better for us. They really want their product to be the best possible product it can be and they will happily take our feedback and suggestions and have implemented many things – big and small – to improve the system. Nothing is too much trouble for them and the customer service that they provide is second to none." 

What could we do better? 

"My only issue is that the reporting function doesn’t pull things out to the level that I would prefer based on how we are using the system. However, the PRgloo team take on board any and all comments so I’m happy that within a few months the system will do exactly what I want it to and it’s still far and away the best system I’ve ever used as part of a media team. "

Would you recommend PRgloo?

"We moved to this product when our previous product contract ended and it was a mad rush to find a suitable replacement product within a very tight time frame. 

"The PRgloo team pulled out all the stops and managed to take the data from our previous system and move it over so we didn’t lose any of our previous enquiries, contacts etc. This was a fairly simple process so anyone looking to move over from their current systems should have no concerns about losing the data they’ve currently built up. 

"The interface is so user friendly and intuitive. Training is provided by the team but it’s so easy to pick up that you shouldn’t have any worries in that regard. I’ve heard a lot of comments from the team that there is no worry of ‘breaking’ the system. Some systems you feel you could lose data by pressing the wrong button but this is not the case with PRgloo. There is also the benefit that the system warns you if you are closing a window without having saved your work so it helps you to not waste your time and work more efficiently. 

"This is an excellent product, the support team are fantastic and I would happily recommend this product to any media team or news desk." 

How has PRgloo helped you?

"We use PRgloo as a tool to record and manage our media enquiries, send out our press releases, manage our contacts, collate our coverage and hold our resource library. 

"Compared to other systems, I feel this has helped us keep a better track of our enquiries and given us a more robust way of recording our enquiries as well as reporting on them after the fact. 

"With this system, the team feels they have more ownership over it and how it works for us as a team. It’s made us look more closely at how we record things, how we send things out and that has made us more efficient as a team. I also feel that as we grow as a team and an organisation, PRgloo will grow with us which is a great comfort that we’re going to be using this system for the long haul. "

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