Historic England "Fantastic tool for a public affairs team"

Historic England "Fantastic tool for a public affairs team": HistoricEnglandQuote

Historic England Parliamentary Affairs Manager Stacey Frier rated  PRgloo 5 stars for its ease of use

What do you like best about PRgloo? 

"It is great that key contacts are already in the tool - it can be used straight away without having to input any stakeholder data. The information that is already there is also editable. It is a very clean looking and stylish tool which is enjoyable to use. The key benefit of using PRgloo is that it has some very helpful evaluation tools which can be pulled off the system quickly. The new feature where you can email conversations to the tool is fantastic as it saves a lot of time typing from scratch. The customer service is superb."

What could we do better? 

"It would be good to turn off features we don't use but that doesn't take away the utility and usability of the tool. There are a few small bugs but you expect that with any service." 

How has PRgloo helped you?

"We needed somewhere to store our contact with stakeholders that a number of colleagues could access. It is still early days but being able to see all our contact in one place shows us what we've done and still have to do. It gives us a firm basis from which we can evaluate our work." 

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