Network Rail "PRgloo is like oxygen, I need it to live"

Network Rail "PRgloo is like oxygen, I need it to live": NetworkRailQuote

The Network Rail media team gave PRgloo 5 stars and went on to describe PRgloo as being "intuitive and powerful" and used by the team "every hour of every day." 

What do you like best about PRgloo? 

Super user-friendly. Grouping related calls by topics means everything is easy to find and I'm not doubling-up on work. 

What could we do better?

'Emails' being wrapped up in the 'your hard work' numbers - an ability to strip out and customise the data displayed on the dashboard would be great.

How has PRgloo helped you?

Press release distribution, internal communications (news summaries, on call rota, sit reps),  media contacts database, Customer Relationship Management and call logging, Website (newsroom) publishing (web content management). 

Kevin Groves, Media Manager at Network Rail said:

“PRgloo is intuitive and powerful. My team use it every hour of every day as it significantly aids our workflows, message consistency and journalist contact visibility. We use it to manage media enquiries, statements, interview bids, press release publication, distribution and our entire media centre.”

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