University of Leeds "PRgloo is intuitive and easy-to-use"

University of Leeds "PRgloo is intuitive and easy-to-use": LeedsUniQuote

University of Leeds Head of Media Relations and Strategic Communications Rachel Barson gave PRgloo 5 stars

What do you like best about PRgloo? 

"It is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Offering an online platform, which can be updated and shared across the team, gives us a real-time system and means we can work as a team across multiple locations." 

What could we do better?

"There are some functionality shortfalls, but whenever we've raised them, the team has been very responsive at noting them and I get the impression such feedback forms a key part of the platform revisions. " 

How has PRgloo helped you?

"It allows us to easily manage incoming media enquiries, interview bids and statements. 

"We also use the system to plan our activities, with an extensive calendar of events, using the PR Planner. 

"It's very useful for coordinating and sharing work across different teams. "

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